Gilbert David Junior

My greatest hope is that by virtue of this event and future events, attendees will find additional purpose, passion and inspiration to carry on their life journeys.

Our TEDx idea was a pipe dream that we thought of during one of our classes and now we can’t actually believe that we are bringing this to life.

I am extremely honoured to be a part of this organising team and to also, be associated with the first TEDx event at University of Salford!

Now that I am presented with an opportunity to help to organise TEDx University of Salford, I cannot but be grateful to contributing towards the development of such an amazing platform.

Now, having the opportunity to work with the TEDx University of Salford marketing/communications team has harnessed my marketing skills and creativity.

I am very much excited to be part of the TEDx University of Salford event. It promises to be educative and inspiring; an opportunity not to be missed.

I am really proud to be a part of the TEDx University of Salford event and I am hoping we can make a difference in the entire globe with this even and going forward.

TED and TEDx talks give the chance to embrace ideas, learn new perspectives and inspire people.

I’m excited to see this resourceful event finally “coming home”. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring together a local and global audience.

I am really excited to be a part of this inspiring and thought-provoking TEDx event

Being a part of this great team is an awesome experience. I am happy to work with passionate colleagues that inspire, educate and make positive impact to the world using the TEDx platform.

It is a great privilege to be part of the TEDxUniversityofSalford organising team. Inspiring our attendees to remain our unified goal