Julian Cereceda

Award-winning public speaker

Toddlers can be cruel but sometimes speak the truth. There is nothing wrong with being boring in life. Not in a presentation!

On this occasion and only for your eyes, speaker Julian Cereceda will attempt to deliver the most boring presentation ever.

The stakes are high and the competence is fierce.

Will the presentation live up to the expectations? You will decide.

Having attended to hundreds of presentations, helped dozens of individuals to become more confident on stage, on camera and online and written the book “Zoom Like a Pro”, there is no doubt that Julian Cereceda can help you to make your next presentation more impactful (and a little less boring). Despite being an award-winning public speaker you will find him every week practicing his skills in Manchester Communicators, the local public speaking club he founded in Manchester.

No wonder why his eldest son thinks he is boring!