Tulsi Vagjiani

Humanitarian and one of life’s striver!

Tulsi Vagjiani, is a humanitarian and one of life’s survivors! Having survived a plane crash at the age of 10, her life has been nothing short of colourful! Her call and purpose has been to help others to live an empowered and full life despite what challenges life presents. Her journey of self-love started when she exhausted all excuses to suppress the pain and began to look within. In there she found the answers and the light within shone brighter. 

There are no secrets nor an elite membership, we all have this potential but we have not been taught to tap into it. She coaches individuals to find that light and find their purpose.

She is an ambassador for Changing faces which is a leading charity in the UK supporting those living with a visible difference. Her role is to be a spokesperson for the charity as well as featuring in pivotal campaigns for those living with a visible difference and being an advocate for better representation across popular culture, TV, a media and the work place. 

This has lead her to speak passionately about diversity, equity and inclusion.

Her work has had coverage across various media platforms, including BBC, SKY news, This Morning (ITV), articles printed in the Guardian, Closer Magazine, and Take a Break. You can also find her featured in various podcasts with Katie Piper OBE, Gareth Thomas, Dr Rupy Aujla and Spencer Lodge. 


A quote that drives her to show up every day for herself and others is 

“Be the change you wish to see in this world”, Mahatma Gandhi.

The work she has put into herself helps her show up daily as her authentic self.

“Turn pain into power, to empower”, quote Tulsi Vagjiani 

Each of us can make the change and empower others; it’s like a domino effect, only we help each other stand tall, reach greater heights and achieve so much as a collective.

We have the power to change the narrative.

Show up as yourself always, in all ways. 

Her passion lies in helping her clients shift from a survivor mindset to a thriving one. To live a self-fulfilling life.

Flip the script to live a life of limitless possibilities.